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Project details

The area belongs to the special economic zone.

Investment plot in Gubin is an industrial zone with an area of 8 ha specially prepared by the city authorities in agreement with the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone. The area is located on the outskirts of the city in vicinity of „Gubinek” border crossing. Company acquired the area at the beginning of 2018 and conducted planning and preparation works for an entire year. The area was completely armed and then there was an access road to a mentioned lot. We have a project to build a class „A” warehouse with an area of 20000 m2. Since the location was comprehensively prepared for investment, dedicated building will be completed within six months from signing a lease agreement. Project predicts logistic and production business activity (10 m high). Location meets requirements of the tenants who conduct distribution of their products within the area of Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Lot belongs to the Special Economic Zone, which creates possibilities for using tax exemption by the tenant according to act on special economic zones in Poland. Building will be located 180 km from the centre of Berlin.

Technical specification


Area in Gubin located directly by the „Gubinek” border crossing is a perfect offer for e-commerce industry.

Lease rules

First unit is 25000 m2 area and the minimum lease module is 5000 m2.

Latest Developments


Production and logistics hall

Nowa Sól

Production hall


Installation design

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