From Strategy to Project

We have many years of experience so that we can guarantee the best care of the building. Participating in the construction of the facility and supervision of related works allows us to manage the property in a responsible manner. Knowledge of the facility, installation and the surrounding area is the basis for action.

Your Trusted Business Partner

We create dedicated production, logistics and office areas. We base our strategy on market insights and proven business strategies.

We manage Investments


supervision of a proper condition of the building


construction, electrics, gas

Construction standards

required by the Construction Law


fire protection overviews

Water insulation

internal and external


roof and terrace protection


construction and finishing


floors, terraces, walls and others

Water insulation, construction and roofing services

We are certified and we have a qualified team of people in the field of water insulation for buildings. We are experts in a comprehensive execution of waterproofing: securing fundaments, basements, flooring, walls, water insulation of roofs, balconies and terraces. Technology in our offer meets the highest technological and qualitative standards.

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